Therapy in Action

How can therapy help you?

Therapy offers a non-judgemental space to talk about your feelings. At my counselling practice in Islington, [now a second practice in Brighton] I offer clients a safe place to talk about problems or difficult feelings which are disrupting their lives and emotional well-being.

Difficult life events or stress can lead to feeling over-whelmed or ‘stuck’ emotionally.  The counselling process can help to untangle these feelings, enabling a greater sense of self awareness and understanding. Clients have a confidential space to talk about their personal stories and the impact it is having on them. I help clients explore the roots of their issue and become more self-aware. My aim is to help clients resolve issues or get to an improved place of well-being.

My therapeutic approach is tailored to each individual and I have experience of a wide variety of psychological difficulties and problems.
Short-term sessions (6-12 sessions) are available.

Signs counselling might benefit you . . .

  • You often feel overwhelmed and under pressure
  • You frequently have difficulty sleeping
  • You often feel emotionally detached from others
  • You’re having suicidal thoughts or feelings
  • You frequently feel irritable or angry
  • You have difficulty concentrating
  • You often feel helpless and hopeless
  • You’re overwhelmed by guilt or shame